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      To qtQT, with Love from QT Gold Coast

      Dear qtQT,

      All aboard, we’ve been waiting for you. As is tradition, we’re here to welcome you – with warmth and wisdom as family does – part of our playground, you’re our paradise in the sky. Rumblings from our rooftop had us guessing, yet you’re so much more than we could have imagined. Bringing coastal cool to our designer digs. Laidback flirting with luxe. Who says you can’t do it all?

      Oh so sweet and perfectly petite, you’re the first of your kind. A trailblazer. A wunderkind. Forget cabin in the woods, you’re a coastal gem and the jewel atop our five-star crown. With all eyes up top, it’s your moment to shine.

      You’re more than meets the eye, filled with QT’s signature splendour. Designed for discerning creatures of comfort, all soft textures, nature’s tones and lived-in linen luxury. We see you. And your layers of pattern and colour setting the scene for barefoot indulgence right through to your blissful outdoor oasis.

      A blank canvas filled with promise, your chameleon-like ability to do it all sets you apart. Be it late raves or early waves, hunkering down or painting the town, you deliver truly bespoke, curated experiences. It’s no wonder you’re one of us.

      And like us, you’ll be basking in oceanfront deco, where golden hues meet sun-kissed serenity. We’ll slurp sip-sational drinks poolside at The Spring, sitting pretty under a QT Cabana. A salty air of fleeting fun, with palm trees in the tropical Queensland breeze. When it’s time to unwind, we’ll head back to yours for wherever the night takes us.

      Dinner at The Terrace? Relaxing around the firepit? You’re that friend who Qs the playlist and gets it right every time. Late night parties or early Pilates? You read the room and you know the vibe. One finger on the pulse, the other on pulse points. Meditate, celebrate and everything in between. You’re good for it.

      Marching to the beat of your own drum, you’ll fit right into our quirky, cool, one-of-a-kind brood. Salty breeze overlooking palm trees, unleash or unwind everyone’s very own slice of Paradise. Where to from here? That’s your tale to tell.

      QT Gold Coast

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